Pristine Gardens
Location : Matuu

Have you been looking for a property next to a complete infrastructural project? Username Investments presents Pristine Gardens – Matuu Phase II a residential property touching the recently tarmacked Kivandini -Masinga Road, off Thika-Garissa highway. Last year, The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) launched the expansion of a section of Thika-Garissa highway aimed at easing traffic in the area. The infrastructural projects have made Matuu an ideal location for real estate investors.

Just like the previous phase, this is a buy today and build tomorrow project for all our customer who missed Phase I.  At Pristine Gardens – Matuu Phase II, affordability meets value for money. This property is not only affordable but also value-added and enjoying proximity to amenities such as schools, health facilities, shopping facilities, markets and religious centres. Own an eighth-acre plot at a cash offer price of Ksh 199,000 only.

The project enjoys close proximity to Matuu Town, a rapidly growing urban centre whose economy is fueled by commercial services and agriculture. The town has gradually become an economic hub of the surrounding constituencies. Invest today and get your money growing!You may request call back here


The project is located in Musingini, 15 minutes’ drive from Matuu Town and touches the recently tarmacked Kivandini –Masinga road.


The Vantage-Naivasha for Ksh. 349,000 only  Perimeter fence.

The Vantage-Naivasha for Ksh. 349,000 only  Estate Gate.

The Vantage-Naivasha for Ksh. 349,000 only  Graded access road

The Vantage-Naivasha for Ksh. 349,000 only Water and Electricity in the neighbourhood

Soil Type

Red soil suitable for construction and farming.

Introductory Price (Per 1/8th Acre)

The Vantage-Naivasha for Ksh. 349,000 onlyCash Investors:        Ksh. 199,000= only (Ksh. 30,000 deposit, balance within 30 days)

The Vantage-Naivasha for Ksh. 399,000 onlyAn installment payment option of up to 6 months is also available as shown below:


Installment Period Deposit (approx. 30%) Monthly Installments Total Amount
3 Kshs 30,000 Kshs 61,333 Kshs 214,000
6 Kshs 30,000 Kshs 33,167 Kshs 229,000

Minimum booking fee for each plot is Ksh. 30,000 only. The price is all-inclusive i.e. legal fees, stamp duty and title transfer fees with no hidden charges.


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